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Cornell University -AP Recently students have been fearing that the weather would not be compatible with this year's Slope Day
Luckily for them, a resourceful 4th semester senior has prepared a solution to the otherwise dreary day. "Everyone deserves to have fun on the Slope," said Pete Ippel "I just think that they should do so safely, and in my 100% cotton T-shirt." As a member of President Rawlings Slope Day Steering Committee, and a founding member of Renaissance, Ippel believes that Slope Day is a celebration of Cornell identity, and a wonderful time for people to cross over barriers of community differences.
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installation, audition, and digitalia
Pete Ippel Digital Self Portrait as DJZN Cornell University -AP Starting on May 13th there will be chaos in Tjaden
Local artists Pete Ippel and experimental printmaker Maura Rockcastle will be installing a show of their recent work with an opening for the public at 5pm May 13th. When asked what was to be expected from the show Ippel simply replied with a grin, "I put the STUD in STUDIO." He will be presenting two installations at Tjaden, the love box, and chatting. "The show is going to be off the chain." said Ippel about the implications of the installation.
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