Tough Teachers

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My mom is picking up my Rollerblades today so soon I’ll be skating to school. The worst teacher I have ever had was Mrs. Higgins, she was such a BITCH. She was like a slave driver in those olden boats where everyone had to row or be whipped. She was intimidating 7’0″ with shoes on …

The Perfect Teacher

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You know the perfect teacher would be none at all. Just kidding, the teen-age side of me would say a 22 year old model straight from college who would be very good at teaching all subjects. Mrs Ciota was my favorite teacher partly because she was Looney, or so everyone thought.

I’ve Heard So Many Good Stories

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I can’t think of one that outshines them all. I go to the Illinois Story Telling Festival every year and there are stories for young and old. A lot of the stories I’ve heard come from family. My dad’s dad was in the Air Force but died before I was born. Some of the best …

I Can’t Remember Very Far Back

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I remember my first day of school. I got my school supplies the night before and before I went to bed that night I paraded around the house in the clothes I was going to wear the next day with my backpack on. The next morning I woke up early and got ready. The bus …

Charades Joke

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I have a joke about the William Tell Overture. There were these two guys that loved charades. One went to the others house and saw 8 women back to front. He guessed William Tell Overture…Titty Rump Titty Rump Titty Rump Rump Rump. It brings back memories at grant park when I lived in Oak Park …

Diet and Exercise

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I got a thought of the day for you. I got it from a friend: “As you walk through life, you may be solo but not alone.” Deep! My favorite fast food place is…? I like most junk food but try not to eat too much of it because I’m trying to become a better …