A Crispy 100 Dollar Bill

For Justin Hoover’s project Radical Practices: The Seduction of Duchamp, Pete Ippel auctioned off a crispy 100 dollar bill with opening bids starting at $5.00. Ippel’s project brings into question context, gift, value, and the art market. The unaltered bill sold for $115.00. Video documentation to follow.

Notes from Matmos Lecture 2002

Mary Douglas book —> Dirt *It’s all about the venue/gallery/rave/etc. if you’re comfortable. Chris Watson—->Caberet Voltaire from the 70’s Touch label Protools, cubase *logic* Max (chaotic chemistry) Pierre Henry “death” 1963 Variations for a door and a sign Music Concrete Music out of Anerexia 1 or 2 sources “We liked raves before they became full …