My First Recipe: Bacon Seafood Vodka Ziti With Cilantro and Provolone

It’s a challenge for me to cook for a multitude of reasons, so here are a few tips that are helping me move into better cooking/eating habits. Planning: Shop and bundle it with other activities Ask friends for cooking tips Shopping: Ask for help at the deli and meat counter on how to cook what […]

Visiting The Museum Of Jurassic Technology

I read Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet Of Wonder: Pronged Ants, Horned Humans, Mice on Toast, and Other Marvels of Jurassic Technology while enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute New Genres Masters Program back in 2003, and today I finally had the opportunity to check out MJT in person. I particularly enjoyed the motorized rotating bell […]

Hypermodern Audio: Ten Year Anniversary Of Something Fantastic

Enjoy the hot cut from the floor of the Blue Room, 2002 Cynical and DJZN Live – Fantastic Cutting and scratching with no slide mixer on my side…Yea I’m the platinum blonde…it’s a down-tempo jam with a ton of layers and a lot of back cueing with a knob, turntables run through analog guitar pedals…enjoy. […]

Love and Rhetoric Are Still Perplexing Topics As An Adult: Poetry From 1996

I found these pieces while digging through my childhood archives here in Illinois. In the process of packing and sorting. I have to be ready to fly back to California tomorrow morning. Here’s a few introspective gems. Enjoy. A Special Place I have a special place in my head, where only memories dwell. The manila […]